Tank 18 Wedding Photography – Nicole + Jason


From time to time you come across a unique couple.  A couple that bucks the trend of a traditional wedding and says, “We’re not following some checklist.  We’re doing whatever we want.”  For me, this couple is Nicole and Jason.

For instance, the good jams (Nicole’s jams) – as 2Chainz played over the speakers to entertain the guests.  Instead or floral arrangements, these two opted to lay out some of their favorite games to be played by their loved ones.  Connect4 and Jenga are where the party’s at.  And a traditional sit-down dinner?  I should think not!  Fresh made pizza for all to dine upon.  And, yes, this photographer can confirm – it was delicious.

But most importantly Nicole and Jason did what they wanted.  They made their wedding day reflect them in every way, from a cool bar called Tank 18, to the games, to the drinks they sipped on.  It was their day, just as a wedding should be.  And yet despite the focus being all about representing them as individuals and now a married couple, it was also 100% representative of their love for their friends and family.

And there was a horse head mask.  So clearly these two know the way to my heart.

Tank18Wedding-0001 Tank18Wedding-0003Tank18Wedding-0004 Tank18Wedding-0011Tank18Wedding-0006Tank18Wedding-0005Tank18Wedding-0007Tank18Wedding-0008Tank18Wedding-0009 Tank18Wedding-0010 Tank18Wedding-0013 Tank18Wedding-0014 Tank18Wedding-0015 Tank18Wedding-0016 Tank18Wedding-0017 Tank18Wedding-0019 Tank18Wedding-0020Tank18Wedding-0022 Tank18Wedding-0021Tank18Wedding-0023 Tank18Wedding-0024 Tank18Wedding-0025 Tank18Wedding-0026 Tank18Wedding-0027 Tank18Wedding-0028 Tank18Wedding-0029 Tank18Wedding-0030 Tank18Wedding-0031 Tank18Wedding-0033 Tank18Wedding-0034 Tank18Wedding-0035 Tank18Wedding-0036 Tank18Wedding-0037 Tank18Wedding-0038 Tank18Wedding-0039 Tank18Wedding-0040 Tank18Wedding-0041 Tank18Wedding-0042 Tank18Wedding-0044 Tank18Wedding-0045 Tank18Wedding-0046 Tank18Wedding-0048 Tank18Wedding-0049 Tank18Wedding-0050 Tank18Wedding-0051 Tank18Wedding-0053 Tank18Wedding-0054 Tank18Wedding-0055 Tank18Wedding-0056 Tank18Wedding-0057 Tank18Wedding-0059 Tank18Wedding-0060 Tank18Wedding-0061 Tank18Wedding-0062 Tank18Wedding-0063 Tank18Wedding-0064 Tank18Wedding-0065 Tank18Wedding-0066 Tank18Wedding-0067 Tank18Wedding-0069 Tank18Wedding-0070 Tank18Wedding-0071


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