Stef and Pat are engaged! – San Francisco Golden Gate Park, Japanese Tea Garden and Fort Funston Engagement Photography

One funny thing about being a photographer is that sometimes we have to convince people of things.  For instance, how many times have I heard the “Oh, man.  It’s a sunny day and so warm!  Great for pictures, right ? ! ? ”  My response is always, without hesitation, “Actually, my kinda’ days are those amazing foggy and overcast Santa Cruz/San Francisco kinda’ days.”  I always get funny looks for that.

And other times, people say, “Oh, I just need the digital negatives.  No album needed here.  I just don’t care.”  And before I can even get a word out, they change the topic.  Would it make a difference if I told people that most people who buy the digital negatives from us haven’t made an album for themselves 1, 2, or almost 3 years later?  How sad that these images aren’t on display for all to see!

So when I met Stef and Pat over coffee just a few short weeks ago, and we sat down, and Stef’s first words were, “We’re actually much more interested in an album.”, I knew we’d hit it off just right.  Images should be on display, and she knows it.  And when she mentioned the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco (foggy/overcast days anyone?), I knew we’d be friends because, hey, those are my kinda’ days in a simple and lush setting just like I love.   And when I met the man who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, well, I knew it would only get better.  And so it did!

An early and chilly San Francisco morning in Golden Gate Park, following by being chased and licked and drooled on by some sand-covered dogs at Fort Funston, and these are the amazing images we captured.  And if this is the result of just a short time with Stef and Pat, I don’t need to tell you that I am already excited about their August 31st wedding later this year.  Plus, they talked to me about the food they plan on having . . .  Oh boy.  These guys know the way to my heart.  Do they ever!

MJP-0001MJP-0002MJP-0004 MJP-0005 MJP-0006 MJP-0007 MJP-0011 MJP-0012 MJP-0014 MJP-0015 MJP-0016 MJP-0017 MJP-0018 MJP-0019 MJP-0020 MJP-0022 MJP-0023 MJP-0025 MJP-0027 MJP-0028 MJP-0029 MJP-0030 MJP-0032 MJP-0034 MJP-0035 MJP-0037 MJP-0038 MJP-0039 MJP-0041 MJP-0042 MJP-0043 MJP-0044 MJP-0045 MJP-0046 MJP-0047 MJP-0048 MJP-0050

Heiko Schmidt - February 14, 2013 - 11:41 am

Michael, this is a wonderful set. Love the color, your perfect use of natural light. You managed to get close, very intimate images.
All the best to the couple, too.

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