Santa Cruz Engagement Photography – Sarina and Reggie’s Couples’ Session

When it comes to photography, I’d say it takes all kinds.  Actually, let me rephrase.  It takes all kinds to fill my soul.  Sometimes I get to photograph the quiet, artsy types.  Sometimes I get to photograph the crazy comedians.  But when it comes to Sarina and Reggie, I’d venture to say my cup overflows with the silly, the goofy, and the madly in love.

Sarina and Reggie and I joked on our way home from Santa Cruz that they were “old souls”, and I’d venture to say that’s not far from the truth.  But I’d like to add “young spirits” to that, in large part because they have the ability to make each other feel comfortable and relaxed like an old married couple, all the while making each other laugh hysterically for virtually no reason at all.  I picture them in my head sitting in their worn easy chairs sipping on coffee in cups that say “his” and “hers” and cracking bad jokes but laughing until their hearts are content.  And after spending my second time photographing them this past weekend,  I feel like I can say that the pleasure will be all mine when I get to witness these two old souls get married this coming February.  But for now, here’s a few of them in love on a warm November morning in the Santa Cruz Mountains and on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to hold you over until their wedding day.


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