Santa Cruz Beach Engagement – Molly and Ryan

I love people who frolic in fields, hold each other so tight that they might pass out, and people who look into each others’ eyes and see the future – not just tomorrow, but forever.  And I love people who think outside the box, and take the road less traveled.

So when Molly and Ryan said, “Hey, let’s get together in Santa Cruz”, I immediately assumed we’d be headed to the Boardwalk.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s a popular, beautiful place.  But, in fact, the Lighthouse on West Cliff was the location they mentioned.  But that was just a landmark.  Molly and Ryan found something better.  Much, much better.  So we grabbed some field across the street.  Why?  Because it’s different.  And because it’s beautiful.  And when we headed to the beach shortly thereafter, we didn’t go “under the boardwalk… down by the sea”.  We headed down Highway 1 for a little drive to find a place with a little less noise, a beautiful rust colored cliff, and ocean water that crashed around us.

Perfection.  Absolute perfection.


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