San Jose Family Portraiture – The L Family


The longer I am a parent to two wonderful children, the more I realize I have become a simpler person.  And in that simplicity, I’ve found huge joy in the moments that can seem so small as they happen, and yet also seem so big when remembering them years down the road.

So when the L family scheduled another session with me, I’m knew I’d be in complete awe.  Not just due to the fact that they are amazing, kind, brilliant, and wonderful.  But because I’m in awe of their growing family – mostly because as mine grows, we’re in the same boat.  I get it.  And putting these memories on the walls of your home helps freeze them for just a little bit longer… and gets you a little more time…  So that as you walk past the images in the nursery, or in the hallway, or hanging over the fireplace mantel, you slow down for an ever fleeting moment, and remember those moments of joy.  And you bask in those moments you stop, you slow to a crawl, and close your eyes, and you deeply, with a heart so full it might burst… you drink it in.


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