Private Santa Cruz Beach Wedding – Naomi + Mike


As is common in this wonderful industry we’re in, things change, and they change rapidly at a pace most would believe crazy.  I, on the other hand, call it anything but insane.  “Wonderful” and “energetic” and “beautiful” at the words that come to my mind.  And all that is made possible because sometimes, if we’re just lucky enough, we start to feel like part of the guest list. . . part of the family.  So when our bride, Abby, called me just last week, I was a little shocked.  We’d only photographed her wedding two weeks before, so why the email so suddenly in my inbox?   “My sister is getting married on the beach, at sunset.  It’s a private wedding, only a very small handful of family and friends.  We want you there to capture everything”  And without hesitation, I rearranged my schedule to make sure I could be there.  Because for friends and family, that’s just what you do.

So with 11 chairs, flowers tucked into their places, the sun lowered itself into the ocean, while the sand glistened in the sun.  In a mere moment Naomi and Mike were officially married – husband and wife – with a stunning ceremony reflecting their simple ways.  Two people destined to climb many a rock wall together, or walk barefoot in the sand, or run carefree off the edge of a dock while jumping feet first, hand in hand, into a lake.  As free spirited as two people can be, these two have found their soul’s other half.  They are complete.  They are whole.  And this family that I’ve grown to know so well over the past month grows yet again, and increases in love even more.


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