Palm Event Center Wedding – Vanessa and Luis



On a beautiful, warm day in Livermore, two people hugged, laughed, and loved.  And it couldn’t have been more of an amazing day.  Unless the groom had to dance for his bride in front of everyone.  Or unless the bride laughed her butt off the entire time because her friends and family were hilarious.  Or unless the speeches came truly, 100%, from the heart.  And unless two people who are madly in love came together, in a celebration with those most important to them, and committed their lives to one another in the grand fashion you’d expect from such wonderful people.

But wait.  That is exactly how the day happened for Vanessa and Luis.  So, see?  It truly couldn’t have been more of an amazing day.

P.S.  See Vanessa?  I told you Luis would cry.  *wink*

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