Henry Cowell Maternity Photography – Orie + Andrew


Yesterday, amongst the beautiful redwoods of Henry Cowell Park, I walked and talked with Orie and Andrew for a little bit.  And what I learned very quickly was this:  They are quiet, humble, and wonderful.

But what I also noticed, and anyone who knows them can attest to this, is their parenting skills are already in full swing.  They exude a nurturing, loving, and patient vibe.  And they’re romantic.  And if you asked them if they were romantic, they just might giggle a little bit.  But let it be known – these two bring the romance.

Here are just a few of my favorite images from Orie and Andrew – future parents of one truly loved baby girl.


Carmel Engagement Photography – Nathalie and Zac


Living a world a part isn’t easy.  Planning a wedding from thousands of miles away is complicated.  Loving someone who isn’t by your side every single day is, in my opinion, almost impossible.

But then there’s Nathalie and Zac.  The ones who make the complicated seem simple.  The two who make the impossible, well, possible.  And while the wind blew her hair, Nathalie nestled into Zac’s shoulder for warmth on the coast of California.  And Zac gripped her waist, held her close, and showed her how much he loves her without saying a single word.

Love knows no bounds, and certainly no distance.

Nathalie’s hair and make-up by the insanely, absurdly talented Ashlyn Taylor:  http://www.madameme.com/


New Year Family Portraiture – The W. Family


In San Jose there are a few places I like to be.  Like . . . really like to be.  Home with my family is obviously one of them.  But Bernal Historic Ranch Park is most definitely another.  It’s a small place tucked into the south hills that unless you were over there on the narrow street that passes by, you’d never know it existed.  And when I received a call from the W. Family, in the back of my mind I knew that this was the place.  The perfect place.  And lucky me – they were extra happy to tag along with me and wander around for a bit.  And obviously they brought their A-game smiles and laughter.  And they were so relaxed and calm.  W. Family – how do you do that ? !  Add to the heart warming family-full-of-love vibe a sense of style that tops the Vogue/GC level, and I’m still a little blown away with how wonderful these images are.

Obviously, the star of this session was Riley dog.  His epic expressions of ownership over all he surveyed were comical.  Okay, I kid.  I kid.  But the entire W. Family is just one cohesive unit full of love and patience and kindness – including Riley!


New Canvas Company – CanvasPop.com

Recently we decided that we needed something.  Okay… “we” was more like “me”.  Errrr… I.  Anywho!

I normally don’t respond to emails introducing me to new products.  I kinda’ just ignore them.  I don’t have time for them, and they’re typically generic and blah blah blah – too many reasons.

But I recently got an email from Linda at www.canvaspop.com, who actually read my blog.  Who does that?  So I figured, why not send a message back.  And oh boy… am I glad I did!

We’re sold on CanvasPop.com, and plan to use them for ourselves, as well as for our clients in the future.  The quality is amazing, their turn around time and communication fantastic, and they’re just a great company to deal with.

CanvasPop!  You’ll be hearing more from us soon!

49ers Engagement Photography – Monica + Shawn


Sports fanatics abound in the area we live in.  They’re everywhere.  But Monica and Shawn are something else – next level something else.   And with no less than a half dozen sports team calling home to just a few minutes from where we live, how could you not have your favorite teams?  So it’s no wonder that when I spoke to Monica and Shawn about their engagement, the first idea that came to mind was to run out to the new Levi’s Stadium.  Especially considering their custom named and dated jerseys.  Perfect.  A brief run to Levi’s to wander around the bigger than life stadium, about the only thing bigger was how much Shawn and Monica love each other.  Cheesy to say?  Maybe.  True?  Absolutely.

After some warm sun in front of the home of the 49ers, we opted for a quick few moments in downtown San Jose at the new City Hall where the sun dropped over the building tops, and a little modern architecture played into some romantic vibes.  A splendid way to end the evening.