Forest Hill Wedding Photography – Mel + PJ


Mel and PJ, with nearly a decade under their belts, have a history.  A real history.  And in the setting of history, there’s lots to learn.  Lots.

Like how I learned of PJ’s love of sports – particularly baseball and basketball.  Or Mel’s calming attitude on what could be a very stress-filled day.  Or that PJ’s brother has a hilariously stoic sense of humor.  Or that the love that PJ and Mel share is surpassed by only one thing – the love that mosquitoes have for everyone in Foresthill, CA.  I kid, I kid.  Because truth be told, I don’t know if the love of anything or anyone surpasses the love that Mel and PJ share.  This I learned.  And this I now know.  Where most people are at a level 7, Mel and PJ’s love is at a level 10.

But there’s one thing I didn’t learn: What is this dance move where you pretend someone threw something at you, and then you wipe it off and throw it at someone else!?   I’m still so confused!

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Casa Real Wedding Photography- Stephany + Phillip


Every now and then in this industry you meet a couple and you think, “I wish I was as cool as these two.”  For me, that’s Stephany and Phillip.

Beyond their relaxed attitude.  Beyond their sweet demeanor that is so full of laughter it hurts (in the “I’ve been belly laughing so hard and so long, I can’t breath” kinda’ way).  Beyond the way that Phillip gently holds Stephany’s hands on a cool evening to say, “It’s not cold yet, but I can’t let you go.  And when it gets cold, I’ll be there to keep you warm for the rest of our lives.”  Beyond all of that is their coolness.

Now before this gets away from me, let me be clear.  They’re cool in the traditional sense.  Stylish, funny, awesome to hang out with.  But they’re cool because of their kindness and their warmth.  They’re cool because of how they act toward those around them.  And, most importantly, they’re cool because of how they love one another.  And that, my friends, makes these two some of the coolest people I know.

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Ridgemark Golf Club – Erin + Jason


You’re highly unlikely to find two people as genuine and sweet as Erin and Jason.  In fact, I’ll place that out there as a challenge.  Because it’s doubtful you’ll find two people like them anywhere on the planet.

Erin’s smile is something people didn’t… wouldn’t… couldn’t stop talking about all day long two weekends ago at Ridgemark Golf Club in Hollister, CA.  Her smile is not only one of the brightest in the world, but it changes you… and in my opinion, it can change the world.  And as for Jason… well…  Don’t let his serious face fool you.  The dude is made of gold, inside and out.  He might even be made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice… with a pinch of the smell from a Harley’s exhaust pipe.  Just sayin’.

RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0001 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0002 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0003 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0004 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0005 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0006 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0007 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0008 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0009 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0010RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0013 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0011RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0014 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0016 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0017 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0018 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0019 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0020 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0021 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0022 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0023 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0024 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0025 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0026 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0027 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0028 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0029 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0030 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0031 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0032 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0033 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0034 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0035 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0036 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0037 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0038 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0039 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0040 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0041 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0042 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0043 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0044 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0045 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0046 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0048 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0049 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0050 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0051 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0052 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0053 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0054 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0055 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0056 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0057 RidgemarkWeddingPhotography-0058

Brazilian Room Wedding – Dina & Joshua


On a cold and rainy day in Berkeley, two Italy bound lovers donned the same wide smiles that you’d have seen on their faces had it been 73° with golden sunsets.  And if you know us then you know . . . we love the foggy days in the mountains as much, sometimes more, than any sunset.  It brings with it a peaceful calm and quiet.  And so, on that day, God provided what ended up being a match made in heaven in two ways.  First, and most obviously, Dina and Joshua.  Together they are a force to be reckoned with, and most certainly a match made in heaven.  And secondly, and far less important but equally as fantastic, the perfect weather to suit the day.

With a live jazz band, a celebratory dinner, more hugs than you can count, last weekend was, without question, the perfect day in the Berkeley Hills.  And, as lucky as Dina and Joshua are to have found each other, and to enjoy time with family and friends, I’d venture to say that Jehn and I might actually be the lucky ones here.  Because we, little ol’ us, got to be in their presence on the best day of their lives.

Yep.  We are, indeed, the lucky ones.

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Picchetti Winery Wedding Photography – Emily + AJ

Some couples makes their wedding day what they want.  They design a day around what they think a wedding should be, or run down a check list of all the things they want to see and want to have.  And that’s totally okay.  I tell people at every meeting, “You make your wedding whatever you want to make it – in whatever capacity that means to you.”

But then there are people like Emily and AJ, who with the help of one of the best people in the business (Karina – that’s you!), have a day that from the location (Picchetti Winery in Cupertino, CA) to the shoes (Birkenstocks) to the food (a Tacomania taco truck) to their friends and family, things are just right.  The fresh mountain air, the laughter, and that happily ever (Yes, I’m feeling cheesy today – but it’s the truth!) are all perfectly reflective of who they are together, and who they will be, as one, for the rest of their lives.

And all that mixed together into a late 1990’s dance party filled with Spice Girls and NSYNC and maybe even a few classic jams makes for one heckuva’ party, and one beautiful day to vow to the one you love that he is her’s, and she . . .  she is his.
MJP-0001 MJP-0002 MJP-0003 MJP-0004 MJP-0005 MJP-0006 MJP-0007 MJP-0008 MJP-0009 MJP-0010 MJP-0011 MJP-0012 MJP-0013 MJP-0015 MJP-0016 MJP-0017 MJP-0018 MJP-0019 MJP-0020 MJP-0021 MJP-0022 MJP-0023 MJP-0024 MJP-0025 MJP-0027 MJP-0028 MJP-0030 MJP-0031 MJP-0032 MJP-0033 MJP-0034 MJP-0035 MJP-0036 MJP-0037 MJP-0038 MJP-0039 MJP-0041 MJP-0042 MJP-0043 MJP-0044 MJP-0045 MJP-0046 MJP-0048 MJP-0049 MJP-0050 MJP-0051 MJP-0052 MJP-0053 MJP-0054 MJP-0055 MJP-0056 MJP-0057 MJP-0058 MJP-0059 MJP-0060 MJP-0061 MJP-0062 MJP-0063 MJP-0064 MJP-0065 MJP-0066 MJP-0067 MJP-0068 MJP-0069