Meek Mansion Wedding Photography – Christine + Rey


You can have any brew you want . . . as long as it’s a Corona.  You never had me.  You never had your car . . . And that makes you larger than life.  I live my life a quarter mile at a time . . . as long as you love me.

What more is there to say?  Jehn and I have officially been invited into this family’s life 3 times now on 3 separate weddings.  Yes, 3 times.  And the more time goes on, the more I realize there isn’t a bigger more prestigious honor than being invited to celebrate AND photograph a wedding for friends.  Or, in this case, for family.  Yes . . . Most certainly, Christine and Rey, Sarina and Reggie, and Steph and Andrew are most definitely family.

And with both of my cameras up and ready to capture all the little things, let me just quote Dominic Toretto and Backstreet Boys one last time – “NOW I’M IN YOUR FACE! . . But my love is all I have to give.”

MJP-0001 MJP-0002 MJP-0003 MJP-0004 MJP-0005 MJP-0006 MJP-0007 MJP-0008 MJP-0009 MJP-0010MJP-0014 MJP-0012MJP-0015 MJP-0016 MJP-0017 MJP-0018 MJP-0019 MJP-0020 MJP-0021 MJP-0022 MJP-0023 MJP-0024 MJP-0025 MJP-0026 MJP-0027 MJP-0028 MJP-0029 MJP-0030 MJP-0031 MJP-0032 MJP-0033 MJP-0034 MJP-0035 MJP-0036 MJP-0037 MJP-0038 MJP-0039 MJP-0041 MJP-0042 MJP-0044 MJP-0045 MJP-0046 MJP-0047 MJP-0048 MJP-0049 MJP-0051 MJP-0052 MJP-0053 MJP-0054 MJP-0055 MJP-0056 MJP-0058 MJP-0059 MJP-0060 MJP-0061 MJP-0062 MJP-0063 MJP-0064 MJP-0065 MJP-0066 MJP-0067 MJP-0068 MJP-0070 MJP-0071 MJP-0072 MJP-0073

Elsa/ Carlos - July 23, 2016 - 10:51 pm

We had a chance to a glimpse of your photos, they where
taken beautifully, timing was captured perfect on those precious
moments. No doubt JR and Christine love them.
Great wedding pictures.

Paz Macatangay - July 23, 2016 - 11:22 pm

Congratulations and best wishes to both of you .Good luck and God bless

Michael James - July 29, 2016 - 9:07 pm

Thank you, Elsa and Carlos. Thank you so very much!

Hayes Mansion Wedding – Monica & Shawn


Family is family no matter who . . . or what . . . they are.  For instance – your family.  Well, that’s your family.  As crazy as they can be.  And your friends.  They’re the family that you choose.  Being invited to be family is a special thing that is one of life’s biggest blessings.  But this doesn’t just go for humans.

Monica and Shawn invited two furry little ones into their family as well.  Izzy and Reese are the kids you wish you had.  Well behaved.  Love cuddles.  And they love belly rubs.  Yep . . . Izzy and Reese are their deeply loved doggies.

Monica and Shawn are two people that strike me as carefully and selecting those they surround themselves with, human and canine alike.  And with that said, Jehn and I consider ourselves as deeply lucky to even know them, not to mention call them neighbors and friends.  We all, including our kiddos and pups, look forward to the daily walks around the block with their furkids where they stop and visit.  A true blessing indeed.

HayesMansionWedding-0001HayesMansionWedding-0005HayesMansionWedding-0004HayesMansionWedding-0002HayesMansionWedding-0003HayesMansionWedding-0006 HayesMansionWedding-0007 HayesMansionWedding-0008 HayesMansionWedding-0009 HayesMansionWedding-0010 HayesMansionWedding-0011 HayesMansionWedding-0012 HayesMansionWedding-0013 HayesMansionWedding-0014 HayesMansionWedding-0015 HayesMansionWedding-0016 HayesMansionWedding-0017 HayesMansionWedding-0018 HayesMansionWedding-0019 HayesMansionWedding-0021 HayesMansionWedding-0023.1 HayesMansionWedding-0023 HayesMansionWedding-0025 HayesMansionWedding-0026 HayesMansionWedding-0027 HayesMansionWedding-0028 HayesMansionWedding-0031 HayesMansionWedding-0032 HayesMansionWedding-0033 HayesMansionWedding-0034 HayesMansionWedding-0035 HayesMansionWedding-0036 HayesMansionWedding-0037 HayesMansionWedding-0039 HayesMansionWedding-0040 HayesMansionWedding-0041 HayesMansionWedding-0044 HayesMansionWedding-0045 HayesMansionWedding-0046 HayesMansionWedding-0047 HayesMansionWedding-0048 HayesMansionWedding-0050 HayesMansionWedding-0051 HayesMansionWedding-0052 HayesMansionWedding-0053 HayesMansionWedding-0054 HayesMansionWedding-0057 HayesMansionWedding-0058 HayesMansionWedding-0060 HayesMansionWedding-0061 HayesMansionWedding-0062 HayesMansionWedding-0063 HayesMansionWedding-0064 HayesMansionWedding-0065 HayesMansionWedding-0066

Saratoga Springs Wedding – Vicki and Lar


To one of the most amazing families we’ve ever met . . .  We love you guys.  Truly.  From the brilliant way you bring out the best in one another, your friends, your families . . . and even the best from your photographers – That’s something only you two can do.  What you two have is nothing short of fate, nothing short of bliss, and nothing short of the realest love I have ever seen.  And how do I know all of this?  All I have to do is look to your children to see what you two share realized in them.  Love and family – come to life.  Frolicking, slamming-back-potato-chips, and jumping-on-the-bed love.  That’s the good stuff.

SaratogaSpringsWedding-0001 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0002 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0003 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0004 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0005 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0006 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0007SaratogaSpringsWedding-0010 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0009SaratogaSpringsWedding-0012SaratogaSpringsWedding-0014 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0013SaratogaSpringsWedding-0015 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0016 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0017 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0018 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0019 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0020 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0021 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0022 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0023 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0024 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0025 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0026 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0027 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0028SaratogaSpringsWedding-0030 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0029SaratogaSpringsWedding-0031 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0033 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0034 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0035 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0037 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0038 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0039 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0041 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0042 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0043 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0044 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0045 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0047 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0048 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0049 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0050 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0051 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0052 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0053 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0054 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0055 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0056 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0057 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0058 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0059 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0061 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0062 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0063 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0064 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0065 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0066 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0067 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0068 SaratogaSpringsWedding-0069

Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding – Megan & Travis


We shoot a lot of weddings.  And from time to time, we get to do something a little . . . different.

Like costume sparkly dresses.  Like downtown San Francisco.  Like a gorgeous ballroom.  Like a couple so fun, and a bridal party so amazing, we just can’t write this stuff.  But, as a dad… my favorite part of any wedding day story is the moment when a dad walks his baby girl down the aisle.  And yes, yes . . . I have no daughters.  But I have this weird hope one day that I’ll get a chance to walk one of my sons’ future wives down the aisle with her father – one of us on each side.  Because I just don’t know if I can think of a better moment in life then handing your child off to their new spouse and knowing they’ve chosen their perfect match and their perfect equal in life, love, and happiness.

JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0001 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0002 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0003 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0004 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0005 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0006 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0008 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0009 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0010 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0012 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0013 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0014 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0015 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0016 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0017 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0019 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0020 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0024JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0025JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0022 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0023JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0026 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0027 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0028 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0029 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0030 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0031 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0032 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0033 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0035 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0036 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0037 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0038 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0040 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0041 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0042 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0043 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0044 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0046 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0047 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0048 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0049 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0051 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0052 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0053 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0054 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0055 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0056 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0057 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0058 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0059 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0060 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0061 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0062 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0063 JuliaMorganBallroomSanFranciscoWedding-0064

Megan Turner - July 3, 2016 - 1:49 pm

Hi Michael!! These are stunning. Thanks again so much for everything!!!


The Turners

Tony white - July 15, 2016 - 7:19 pm

Just … WOW. I was at this blessed event, and I’ve seen a lot of wedding photos, including for 2 of my 3 sons, but these are just spectacular shots!

Michael James - July 22, 2016 - 8:13 pm

Tony, thank you so very, very much! What a compliment!