California Coast Fiery Sky Sunset Engagement – Shauna & Rob


When the planets align.  When the gods shine down on you.  When trumpets blare from the heavens.  When prayer is answered.  When good luck prevails.  This is the visual result of those life changing moments.

Shauna, Rob and I met on the coast of California a few evenings ago, and I immediately knew something was up.  Something different.  Something amazing.  Something beautiful.  And I’m not just talking about the weather, the fiery sky we bore witness to, the breeze that tousled our hair.  I’m talking about the love between these two that was so tangible it actually put the orange and red sky behind them to shame.  Truly.

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Half Moon Bay Anniversary Photography – Chewie and Kou


Sometimes the weather cooperates.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  And then sometimes you think it’s not cooperating when, in fact, it’s PERFECT.

These two drove all the way from Stockton (over a 2 hour drive) for a sunset session on the beach.  And when I pulled up, all I saw was overcast coastal skies.  So I took a moment, let them know that it just doesn’t get better than this, and we started shooting.  And truly, it doesn’t better than this.  Because Chewie and Kou held on tight, they enjoyed the cooler weather as we all escaped the inland heat, and they might have gotten hit by a wave or two (Sorry guys!  My bad!).  But all in all, what tells the true story of these two is their love of each other, and their passion for their marriage and growing together.  And all this photographer can hope for, in small part, is that he provided just that to these two shining people on a stunning, beautiful grey sky evening in Half Moon Bay.

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Palm Event Center Wedding – Vanessa and Luis



On a beautiful, warm day in Livermore, two people hugged, laughed, and loved.  And it couldn’t have been more of an amazing day.  Unless the groom had to dance for his bride in front of everyone.  Or unless the bride laughed her butt off the entire time because her friends and family were hilarious.  Or unless the speeches came truly, 100%, from the heart.  And unless two people who are madly in love came together, in a celebration with those most important to them, and committed their lives to one another in the grand fashion you’d expect from such wonderful people.

But wait.  That is exactly how the day happened for Vanessa and Luis.  So, see?  It truly couldn’t have been more of an amazing day.

P.S.  See Vanessa?  I told you Luis would cry.  *wink*

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Tank 18 Wedding Photography – Nicole + Jason


From time to time you come across a unique couple.  A couple that bucks the trend of a traditional wedding and says, “We’re not following some checklist.  We’re doing whatever we want.”  For me, this couple is Nicole and Jason.

For instance, the good jams (Nicole’s jams) – as 2Chainz played over the speakers to entertain the guests.  Instead or floral arrangements, these two opted to lay out some of their favorite games to be played by their loved ones.  Connect4 and Jenga are where the party’s at.  And a traditional sit-down dinner?  I should think not!  Fresh made pizza for all to dine upon.  And, yes, this photographer can confirm – it was delicious.

But most importantly Nicole and Jason did what they wanted.  They made their wedding day reflect them in every way, from a cool bar called Tank 18, to the games, to the drinks they sipped on.  It was their day, just as a wedding should be.  And yet despite the focus being all about representing them as individuals and now a married couple, it was also 100% representative of their love for their friends and family.

And there was a horse head mask.  So clearly these two know the way to my heart.

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