Northern California Family Portraiture – The W. Family


So it’s Monday morning.  And I’m sitting here with our lab asleep at my feet, and gearing up to write this little blog post.  I’m listening to the rain hit my roof top and the concrete outside of my window.  And I realized . . . How lucky am I ?  !  Yesterday it was supposed to rain.  And I mean really, really rain.  But for the love of beautiful California sunsets, The W. Family and I held off locking down a time and location and checked the weather reports religiously right up until Saturday afternoon.  And look . . . just LOOK.  Look at what we ended up with ? !  Our patience was rewarded.

So as I sit at my desk, listening to that wonderful downpour we need so much, it occurs to me that I’m blessed – not lucky.  I’m blessed to have had the weather we did.  I’m blessed to do what I love so much.   But most importantly, I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to work with one of the coolest, most awesome families ever.  So full of love, laughter, and joy.  Add to that a 2 year old that was so well behaved, I think he may have ruined me for family sessions for the next 20 years, and the whole evening just rocked my socks off.   We threw grass.  They cuddled up.  The little man held on tight to mom and dad, gave them kisses, and smooshed (yes, that’s a word) up between them with a million grins and smiles.  The perfect way to end a weekend.  Perfect.


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