New Year Family Portraiture – The W. Family


In San Jose there are a few places I like to be.  Like . . . really like to be.  Home with my family is obviously one of them.  But Bernal Historic Ranch Park is most definitely another.  It’s a small place tucked into the south hills that unless you were over there on the narrow street that passes by, you’d never know it existed.  And when I received a call from the W. Family, in the back of my mind I knew that this was the place.  The perfect place.  And lucky me – they were extra happy to tag along with me and wander around for a bit.  And obviously they brought their A-game smiles and laughter.  And they were so relaxed and calm.  W. Family – how do you do that ? !  Add to the heart warming family-full-of-love vibe a sense of style that tops the Vogue/GC level, and I’m still a little blown away with how wonderful these images are.

Obviously, the star of this session was Riley dog.  His epic expressions of ownership over all he surveyed were comical.  Okay, I kid.  I kid.  But the entire W. Family is just one cohesive unit full of love and patience and kindness – including Riley!


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