Melissa and Anthony are married! – Fortino Winery and Gilroy, CA Wedding Photography

As I watch my son grow, it never ceases to amaze me the things that he learns and the changes that he makes.  It also never ceases to amaze me the things that I’m learning and the changes that I simply must make.  And as people grow, they become something new.  It’s especially joyful when that something new is for the better.  But watching everything about someone shift and adapt into something it wasn’t before is amazing.  The evolution of a person, both physically watching them get taller, change their hair, and so on, and also watching them become an emotionally and mentally mature adult is something that is truly to be treasured.

And I mention this because I’ve known Melissa since she was about this big (picture me pinching my fingers together very tiny-like).  I’ve known her family for what seems like ever.  I’d say, at least in some part, I grew up with them.  And Melissa have grown into a beautiful individual.  Truly beautiful.  And Anthony, I must say, you are a good man, sir.  A fine gentleman, indeed.

When two people like Melissa and Anthony come together, it’s a true joy to see them commit their lives to each other.  An honor, really.  And I think that’s overlooked sometimes.  When I set foot into a wedding, I know I’m there on sacred ground, and that I’ve been invited both as a photographer with a job to do, and a guest.  And things were no different this past Sunday when Melissa and Anthony read some very personal vows, shared a lot of laughter (and delicious cake and cookies), and spent time celebrating with their closest family and friends.  The speeches given about them directly reflected some serious love and emotion for these two, and I can see why.  They’re just two wonderful people, who have amazing families, and have an absolutely adorable son.  Seeing them say “I do” is something I know I’ll cherish because, seriously, there’s no way to not cherish a wedding for a couple like this.

Which brings me to here.  A personal note to each of you two, Melissa and Anthony.  Melissa: Watching you become the woman you are over the past 10 years has been a blessing.  You have become an amazing woman of God, and an amazing mother.  I know you will be a brilliant wife to Anthony.  And Anthony, I’m going to pull the “Melissa is a like a little sister to me” card.  But not in the, “you better not hurt her or I’ll hunt you down” fashion.  I’m going to pull that card but instead following it up with, “. . . and you are just the right man for her.”  Simple as that.

Congratulations to you both.  I’m truly, and deeply, so happy to see you both so happy.

Maria Olsen - September 6, 2012 - 12:57 pm

Mike, these are just the most beautiful memories captured in the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen!! I am moved to tears of joy as I look through these. Thank you so very much for sharing. ;)

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