Kimmy and Jason – Carmel, CA and Monterey, CA Beach Engagement Photography

One long drive out to the middle of nowhere, and we didn’t actually make it to Big Sur.  But what we did do is find the most random little patch of Highway 1, hijack someone’s driveway, use the sun to it’s full advantage, and I almost got Kimmy to jump a fence to pet a cow.  Yes.  A cow.  Sadly, barbwire fences and “No Trespassing” signs put the kabosh on that.  (Sorry Kimmy!)

From there, we braved the treacherous single-lane stretch of the Coastal Highway back toward Carmel by the Sea (yes, that’s the proper name), we pulled up to a beautiful beach, and hung out and watched the sunset.

What I do is my passion because of the moments I get to capture.  But what keeps me passionate about these small blips in time are people like Kimmy and Jason who have the most fun-loving attitudes, easy going personalities, and wonderful love for each other.

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Shannon - October 29, 2015 - 7:25 pm

I’m looking to get a quote on engagement photos. Thank you!

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