Half Moon Bay Anniversary Photography – Chewie and Kou


Sometimes the weather cooperates.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  And then sometimes you think it’s not cooperating when, in fact, it’s PERFECT.

These two drove all the way from Stockton (over a 2 hour drive) for a sunset session on the beach.  And when I pulled up, all I saw was overcast coastal skies.  So I took a moment, let them know that it just doesn’t get better than this, and we started shooting.  And truly, it doesn’t better than this.  Because Chewie and Kou held on tight, they enjoyed the cooler weather as we all escaped the inland heat, and they might have gotten hit by a wave or two (Sorry guys!  My bad!).  But all in all, what tells the true story of these two is their love of each other, and their passion for their marriage and growing together.  And all this photographer can hope for, in small part, is that he provided just that to these two shining people on a stunning, beautiful grey sky evening in Half Moon Bay.

MJP-0001 MJP-0003 MJP-0004 MJP-0005 MJP-0006 MJP-0007 MJP-0009 MJP-0010 MJP-0011 MJP-0012 MJP-0013 MJP-0014 MJP-0015 MJP-0016 MJP-0018 MJP-0020 MJP-0021 MJP-0022 MJP-0023 MJP-0024 MJP-0026

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