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California Automotive Photography – Holden Commodore

It’s a rare moment when the sun sets just right, and there’s an Australian muscle sedan sitting at the fingertips of your lens.  But recently I had a chance to photographer a Holden Commodore…  Okay, it’s a Chevy SS, but it’s been properly rebadged and looks brilliant.  So across from Levi’s Stadium where Super Bowl […]

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Film Developed – Richard Photo Lab

When I pick up any of my film camears, whether it be as a fun little extra camera for professional work, or whether it be entirely personal, it’s different for me.  Maybe that’s just the nostalgia in me loving the moment of snapping a photo and having it actually permanently frozen in time.  Like… permanently. […]

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Bay Area Lifestyle Portraiture – Meet Alex

As my life currently is, I very rarely have much time to myself.  And that time usually gets dedicated to mowing a lawn, washing a car, or having a late night cigar with a good friend.  But thanks to a good conversation with another photographer friend a few months ago, I realized that I did […]

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