Brazilian Room Wedding – Dina & Joshua


On a cold and rainy day in Berkeley, two Italy bound lovers donned the same wide smiles that you’d have seen on their faces had it been 73° with golden sunsets.  And if you know us then you know . . . we love the foggy days in the mountains as much, sometimes more, than any sunset.  It brings with it a peaceful calm and quiet.  And so, on that day, God provided what ended up being a match made in heaven in two ways.  First, and most obviously, Dina and Joshua.  Together they are a force to be reckoned with, and most certainly a match made in heaven.  And secondly, and far less important but equally as fantastic, the perfect weather to suit the day.

With a live jazz band, a celebratory dinner, more hugs than you can count, last weekend was, without question, the perfect day in the Berkeley Hills.  And, as lucky as Dina and Joshua are to have found each other, and to enjoy time with family and friends, I’d venture to say that Jehn and I might actually be the lucky ones here.  Because we, little ol’ us, got to be in their presence on the best day of their lives.

Yep.  We are, indeed, the lucky ones.

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