Bay Area Portrait Photography – Emma and Bryant’s Couples’ Session

One of the things I love most about what I do is the different personalities I get to work with.  Everyone from the quiet and introverted to the loud, raucous and crazy party animals.  And with that said, some people come to me with open arms and say, “What do you think?  Give me some ideas.”  While others have a specific vision in mind.  All of clients have a level of trust in what we do, of course.  But I love meeting them in the middle.  I like to pick their brains a bit and see what’s making them tick, and what their vision is.  And when Emma approached me, she had a clear picture in mind.  No, really – she had a picture.

Emma sent me an email attaching a picture of her grandparents hugging that she wanted to recreate.  And that’s exactly what we did (see the square image below in B&W).  We, of course, put our own little spin on it, but it came out absolutely stunning.  And I couldn’t just stop after one image, so her and Bryant hung out with me for about an hour in the beautiful evening light this past weekend and we turned it into an entire portrait session in downtown San Jose in a few hidden gem locations I know about.

Bryant, my man.  You’re a handsome devil.  And Emma – your classic beauty and skill with hair and makeup knows no bounds.  You two are amazing.  Thanks for letting me soak up some of your time on a Saturday evening.  It was WELL worth it.


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