Bay Area Engagement Photography – Shana and Lucho


We always meet people in the funniest ways.  Sometimes it’s just in passing, and sometimes it’s a little more intimate.  And we really base our photography on some intimacy, which is why it should come as no surprise that the way I met Shana and Lucho was somewhat intimate – because about three weeks ago, Shana was cleaning my teeth.  Yep.  I definitely consider that an intimate meeting.  Especially how little I floss.  Too much information?

But turn about is fair play!  Shana and Lucho called upon me to photograph their love together, and that meant it was my turn to bring a little intimacy to the table.  And that really wasn’t difficult considering the love that these two share.  Shana and her giggly-ness around Lucho, and Lucho’s ability to just be near Shana and see nobody else around.  It was magnetism at it’s finest.

We can’t wait for your wedding next year, Shana and Lucho, and we are so excited to be there to capture all the moments, and to celebrate with you two!


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