Bay Area Engagement Photography – Kristin and Gabriel

I met Kristin and Gabe in downtown San Jose a few days ago to spend some time at one of my favorite spots – San Pedro Square Market.  It has just a little bit of an urban vibe that was exactly what we were looking for.  After wandering around, we took off toward Santa Clara University.  It’s nice to know people in high places, because the next thing I knew we were standing in the outfield of the baseball field of SCU, and Kristin and Gabe were laughing, jumping, and playing catch under the bright stadium lights in the warm evening air.  I just can’t say I’ve ever had an experience quite like that, and I have Gabe and Kristin to thank.

Now, sometimes I kinda’ . . . fill in the blanks with what I hope to find out about the people I meet.  And when it comes to Kristin and Gabe – I did just that.  I filled in the blanks after talking to them by telephone a few weeks ago.  I gathered that they were kind, sweet, energetic people, and most importantly that they loved each other dearly.  But here’s the thing : I was wrong.  They’re even better than that.

You see, I fancy myself a good judge of character.  I surround myself with people I believe make me a better person.  So let me be very clear : If you have the privilege of calling these two your friends or family, make no mistake – you are in the presence of greatness.  These two can bring out the best in anyone, and even more so each other.  They definitely brought out the best in me, and for that I owe them many thanks.  Because when it comes to meeting Kristin and Gabe, I am the lucky one.


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