At home family photography – The N Family


In home family sessions are, simply put, one of my favorite things.  And for me, oddly enough, it’s 100% about the photographs and the moments I capture, but at the same time it is equally 100% about seeing a family in their element.  Add in a newborn, and possibly some other pitter-pattering feet, and it’s a recipe for crazy – but good crazy.  And speaking of crazy, yes, I know, that’s 200% I just accounted for.

But being welcomed into a family’s home and seeing them quite literally kick their shoes off and be themselves in the place where they rest their heads, where they eat, where they laugh the most and, in this case, where they raise their little ones – is genuinely the most amazing experience.  And my love for the N family and their new little baby boy only grows even greater the more I get a chance to photograph them, and the love that they share.


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