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Rengstorff House – Jason, Jen, and Baby to be

Just a little less than a year ago, Jason and Jen stood in the same location and said their vows to each other.  They laughed with friends and family, pledged their commitment, and washed each others’ feet as a sign of submitting to one another – a sacrifice made out of passion, love, and joy. […]

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Diablo Ranch Wedding – Mark and Lindsay

Last year when Lindsay and Mark contacted me to talk about their wedding, it’s not like we just clicked instantaneously.  It was so much more.  I felt like we formed a friendship.  And that was confirmed without a moment’s hesitation when we met to walk Diablo Ranch last November and watched the sunset over the […]

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Rancho Canada Monterey Coast Wedding Photography – Carmel, CA – Travis and Callie

Mountain people.  Mountain people everywhere.  And if you know Travis and Callie, then you know exactly why I’d say something like that.  If Travis isn’t 4-Wheeling, digging trails, or riding a mountain bike then something’s wrong.  In fact, when I met him, he was laid up from a mountain bike crash pending surgery.  And Callie, well, […]

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