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The Dodge Family

What a beautiful 70 degree day…  And in late January? I know I talk about the weather a lot, but man.  I just couldn’t live anywhere but in California.   Weather like this in mid-winter is just too amazing not too talk about.  Sure, last week when we were supposed to shoot the heavens opened wide […]

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The Simpsons are expecting!

Jen and I go way back.  WAY back.  I knew her through my brother, we went to the same high school, and over the years it turns out we have had a ton of mutual friends.  And Kevin?  Well, I just met him, but as coincidence would have it, his sister also went to my […]

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Josh’s Audi A4

I have personal love/hate relationship with German vehicles.  My first car when I turned 15 was a 1964 1600cc VW Beetle with a 4 sp. manual transmission.  Bright red.  American bumpers.  And generally looked like your grandmother’s car, minus the sound of the huge stereo I put in it.  Well, that car constantly broke down […]

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Sadaf and Hanny are married! Bay Area Wedding Photography

Well, normally we get a chance to sit down with our clients over coffee or dinner, discuss their wedding, possibly do an engagement shoot with them.  But with Sadaf and Hanny, due to time constraints, we didn’t have that opportunity.  And you know what?  It didn’t matter.  I’ve never met more sweet, humble, and kind […]

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