Chaminade Resort Wedding Photography – Mieko & Tim


On the most beautiful of winter December days, Tim and Mieko held their ceremony officially uniting one another together as husband and wife.  Overlooking the Santa Cruz ocean, sun shining bright, with a view that can only be described as “one of the history books”, they stood backlit with the warmest of sunsets, holding hands, laughing, surrounded by those who mean the most to them.  And what a way for us to finish off the 2016 wedding season, too, because being able to see the friends and family who helped shape these two wonderful people into the now wonderful couple they are was quite a sight to see – even more so than the brilliant warm summer sunset that seemed to come to life so late in the year just for Tim and Mieko.

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Bar SZ Ranch Wedding Photography – Dani + David


Cowboy hats.  Boots.  Kayaks.  Rifles and pistols.  Line dancing.  Views better than most will ever see.  Warm temps.  Jack n’ Coke.  Shotgun shell boutonnieres.  Flowers in lanterns.  A happily tearful father.  And when all is said and done… two people who, apart from one another, told their pastor that if they had to describe the other with one word, that word was “loyal”.

I see a bright and beautiful hair-styling and sheriff deputy future for these two.  It doesn’t get better than this folks.  Take it all in.

Meet Dani + David.

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San Jose Family Portrait Photographer – The T Family


These two amazing parents may have created and raised one of the most polite, amazing, and fun-loving cape-wearing stick-wielding boys I’ve ever met.  And did I mention how polite he is?  I may have to hit them up for parenting advice so I can teach my two little boys how to be so well behaved!  Because Lord knows… they could take a lesson or 10!

Meet the T family.

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Silver Creek Valley Country Club Wedding – Shauna + Rob


Last weekend, with a beautiful view of the East San Jose foothills, Shauna and Rob stood before their family, their friends, and all of those closest to them.  And they said words which can only be described as perfectly complementary to one another.  You see, Shauna, full of laughter and life, included just the right amount of humor in her vows to Rob.  And forever worried about how sweet Rob can be at just the right moment to make her cry, her worries were put at ease when Rob’s vows contained just the right amount of humor and heartfelt moments to make Shauna throw her head back in laughter, and melt in love.

After getting to know these two over coffee, hanging out with them on the coast during one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, and then watching them say “I Do” and kiss for the first time as husband and wife, all I know is that Shauna and Rob have one heck of a bright future before them.  And I, for one, cannot wait to see what it holds.

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YMCA Camp Campbell Wedding Photography – Ariel + Josh


The faith and love that these two share isn’t something you’re likely to find anywhere else.  So sit down.  Sit back.  And enjoy.  You just might find hope and joy like you’ve never seen before.

Meet Ariel + Josh.

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Gloria lemus - September 25, 2016 - 12:36 pm

que hermozura de fotos , Ariel te ves preciosa y tu esposo muy guapo te queremos mucho y de deseamos que Sean muy felices y que siempre Sean unos buenos servidores de nuestro Señor Jesucristo , el les compensara con mucha felicidad y amor . todo estubo muy bonito y estamos felices de ver cuanto les aman bendiciones.

Adalia Gutierrez-Lee - September 26, 2016 - 2:37 pm

Qué bello compartir a través de estas fotos la alegria del amor
Dios bendiga su unión Ariel y Josh. Es nuestro deseo y oración.
Abrazos Oscar, Laly, Naty, Stanley, Sofia y toda la familia que celebramos junto con ellos.
Les amamos <3